Sunny Tseng

Sunny Tseng

Hi, this is Sunny! I was born and raised in a beautiful country called Taiwan. ❤️ Growing up, I see myself as a multidisciplinary individual - I am a scientist, a writer, an artist, and a field recordist. Exploring this world with great enthusiasm and self-reflection is the way I guide my life. When I am not in the office, you can often find me outside hiking, recording, swimming (scuba diving), or simply staying home enjoying a cup of tea.

  • 🐦 I’m a PhD candidate working on avian acoustics, living in Vancouver, Canada.
  • 🎨 I’m taking commissions for scientific infographics! Checkout my works! 😸
  • 💻 I’m teaching statistics and R programming, currently polishing my skills in developing packages.

Check out my CV for more info!

哈囉,我是奕晴,來自於太平洋西岸的一個熱帶小島 - 臺灣。平時以科學研究為正職,遊走於鳥類、錄音、與程式分析的專業間。同時享受藝術創作、寫作、及野外錄音帶來的生活反思,某種程度上,我認為那更能反映出我所認識的世界。看到水會想跳、看到山會想爬、喜歡抱樹、喜歡一個人靜靜地走路、熱愛夾腳拖、每天要花一個小時吃早餐。